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West coast of Norway is a beautiful tango  between mountains and flatland. The west coast is a endless source of things to do for outdoor enthusiasts. You don´t have to drive very far to find a marked trail or a path with a sign that says how long the tour is.

 Rock climbers and surfers will find something to match their taste and really don´t have to go very far.

 Hardangerfjord is one of the most beautiful places on earth! So many wonderful waterfalls, mountains and lakes with endless possibilities of hiking, camping and enjoying.

The green islands north of Stavanger are a bit of a hidden secret for tourists. There is Fjøløy fort and the lighthouse. On Mosterøy is one of the oldest monastery in Norway Utstein Kloster.

Here are few helpful websites to find exactly what you have always dreamed of doing in Rogaland.   Fjord Norway  

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Little Trolltunga
Midnight swim in the sea

Hikers come from allover to go up to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) that is a good 1-1.5 hour walk up to the top where there is a beautiful view over Lyseford

Kjeragbolten is another hike that is for little more experienced hikers but that is a 2.5 hour walk to the stone so 5 hours walk both ways. 

If you want a little shorter trip then we recommend to walk up to Månefossen that is a little challenging but so worth the view.

Rogaland is full of great hiking trails! We recommend to check them out  here


For the surfers we recommend the beaches of Jæren. Because of the Gulf stream that brings warm water to the coast there is possible to surf almost all year around. You can find information here


Noway is perfect for every type of cycling tourist. Are you a  hard-core road cyclist, mountain biker or a  downhill enthusiasts.

But if you are a easy cyclist who just want´s to enjoy the view you can find a quiet country road  as well.  Everything you need you will find here

In Rogaland county can you find some of really cool outdoor climbing walls and you can read all about them here

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